New Zealand is home to some world-class rapids that will satisfy all adventure seeking adrenalin junkies. There are also calmer rivers perfect for beginners or those wanting a slightly more relaxed experience.

Australia is home some fantastic white water rapids which will challenge the best rafters, coupled with some long scenic rivers for a more relaxed adventure. Around the coastline at many of the beachside locations, kayaking offers a fun way to explore the coral reefs and see some of the marine life.

The best overall rivers and rapids would be the Murray River and Tulley River in Australia because of the difficulty and the Kaituna River in New Zealand, which is world-famous for its intense rapids.

Tully River - Northern Queensland, Australia: The world-class Tully River near Cairns in Queensland is home to some amazing white water rapids for all ages and skill levels. The rapids take you for a journey through World Heritage rainforests and pass below cascading waterfalls and gorge walls.

Kaituna River, New Zealand: The Kaituna River located in Rotorua, New Zealand has fast and challenging rapids that will satisfy the most experienced and adventurous of rafters. With a famous seven-meter drop, adrenalin seekers come from afar to experience these rapids.

Murray River, Australia: Australia’s Murray River flows from the highest point in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales all the way across the border into Victoria. Along the way there are many great spots for white water rafting and also calmer parts to paddle a kayak through.

Fiji kayaking, Fiji: Kayaking in Fiji is one of the most rewarding and adventurous ways to see some of the remote islands and inland rivers. Many tour companies have overnight trips that incorporate camping on a secluded beach and venturing into untouched areas.

Franklin River - Tasmania, Australia: The picturesque Franklin River flows over 40 miles through Tasmanian rainforests and national parks. Many of the rapids are classed high for advanced and experienced riders only although some parts of the river are suitable for beginners.

Tonga kayaking, Tonga: The islands of Tonga are filled with dramatic limestone cliffs and spectacular inlets that enter into the jungle landscape. Kayaking is very popular at the beachside resorts, being one of the best ways to explore the surrounding close to shore reefs and marine life.

Peel River, Australia: The Peel River offers some fantastic long distance kayaking opportunities with calm waters that total over 300 miles in distance. There are some minor rapids but easily negotiated if care is taken. Camping sites are situated along the riverbanks, making for a perfect adventurous holiday.

Samoa kayaking, Samoa: Kayaking in Samoa offers great opportunities to travel through the inland mangrove channels, which are filled with a variety of birds and other wildlife. Paddling around the island is not only a rewarding experience but also a great workout, be sure to remember the sunscreen and a hat.

Rangitata Gorge, New Zealand: Not far from Christchurch in New Zealand, the spectacular Rangitata Gorge offers an unforgettable experience with some exciting rapids and calmer waters set in picturesque rainforests. Many tour groups offer day trips from Christchurch that include everything from equipment to food and drink.

Lord Howe Island, Australia: Located between Australia and New Zealand in the Pacific Ocean, the magnificent Lord Howe Island has some of the most serene waterways to kayak through. With breathtaking beaches and bays, coupled with dramatic cliffs, exploring the surrounding reefs and coastline is just amazing.