With islands and beaches making up most of the Australasia and South Pacific region, there are some truly stunning examples.

Famous beaches of Australia, including Surfers Paradise along the Gold Coast and Bondi Beach in Sydney, are very cosmopolitan and popular while some of the smaller South Pacific islands are home to untouched and serene surroundings. Lord Howe Island is particularly breathtaking, while Fraser and Whitehaven islands are popular for their beauty and tourist attractions.

Fraser Island, Australia: With a land area of over 184,000 hectares, Fraser Island claims the title of ‘largest sand island’ in the world. Filled with beautiful rainforest, over 40 freshwater lakes and an array of wildlife native to Australia, Fraser Island is a great holiday destination.

Salamumu Beach, Samoa: Salamumu beach is situated on the southwestern coast of Samoa. The beach is long and sandy perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The crystal clear waters are alive with tropical fish and other marine life.

Lord Howe Island, South Pacific: Positioned in between Australia’s east coast and New Zealand’s west coast, Lord Howe Island is a natural wonderland. With rich vegetation, native wildlife, brilliant white sand beaches and breathtaking lagoons, the island is nothing short of spectacular.

Coromandel, New Zealand: The Coromandel Peninsula is positioned on the northeastern coast of New Zealand. The volcanic area has picturesque beaches and magnificent lush rainforest surrounding.

Ha’apai Group, Tonga: The Ha’apai group of islands in Tonga are some of the most spectacular in the South Pacific. These untouched small islands are perfect for a relaxed getaway with very little tourists and only a small amount of development.

Bondi Beach, Australia: The world famous Bondi beach is located on the east coast of Australia in the beautiful city of Sydney. The long white sand beachfront is very popular year round, with huge crowds in the summertime. The cosmopolitan area is home to many stylish bars, restaurants and cafés.

Norfolk Island, South Pacific: Easily reached by plane from Australia or New Zealand, the relaxing Norfolk Island has an array of activities to enjoy including: bushwalks, trekking, golf, surfing, scuba diving and snorkeling.

Natadola Beach, Fiji: The magnificent long white sand beach of Natadola is one of Fiji’s best. Great waves make surfing and body boarding popular while snorkeling, swimming, horse riding or beach volley ball can also be enjoyed. The beach is renowned for its spectacular sunsets and nearby resorts.

Gold Coast, Australia: Situated in Queensland, Australia, the Gold Coast spans 35 miles of white sand beaches. The area is particularly popular with surfers and sunbathers, especially around Surfers Paradise where the famous promenade is awash with restaurants, bars and cafés.

Cook Islands, South Pacific: Northeast of New Zealand in the South Pacific Ocean, the fifteen small islands that make up the collective Cook Islands are not only breathtaking but have a long history dating back to the early centuries when neighboring Polynesian tribes discovered the area.

Whitehaven Island, Australia: Situated in the beautiful and breathtaking Whitsundays of Queensland, Australia, Whitehaven Island is truly spectacular with white silica sand and amazing clear blue waters. The island has magnificent lush green fauna with an array of wildlife and water inlets filled with marine life.