Obi Islands Travel Guide

The Obi Islands are a relatively small group of islands, part of the Moluccas in North Maluku Province]]. They lie south of the Bacans and north of Maluku proper and are popular with naturalists for birdwatching.

The islands are pretty far from anywhere and are accessed by small aircraft or boat from Ambon or Bacan Island. Obi Island is the main island in the chain, measuring around 84kms by 47kms and featuring several villages. Laiwui is the main town in the Obi Islands and can be found on the north coast, across from Bisa Island.

Obi Island is pretty rugged and has some excellent trekking going up to heights of over 1,600m. It also features a coastal plain. Some of the other Obi Islands worth checking out include Bisa, Tobalai, and Obilatu off to the north.

Getting There & Away

The Obi Islands have a small airport near to Laiwui on the north coast of Obi Island, with flights from Ternate and Ambon. Limited flights also arrive from Makassar in South Sulawesi, the closest major airport which is several hundred kilometers to the southwest. Boats serve the Obi Islands from Manado (North Sulawesi), via Ternate, and from Ambon in the south.