California is the first location which springs to mind when most people think of surfing, but several other surf spots can be found where visitors may least expect. Even Canada has become a popular surfing destination although wearing lots of neoprene is recommended.

Westport - Washington, US: This coastal fishing town has become Washington state’s surfing capital. The waters of Westhaven State Park beach are cool all year, so a full wetsuit is essential. The waves are rugged and unpredictable.

Seaside Cove - Oregon, US: The most famous beach resort along Oregon’s unimpeded open ocean coast attracts adventurous surfers who come to enjoy its large waves and cold waters.

Cocoa beach - Florida, US: Cocoa beach is one of the world’s most famous surfing destinations, thanks to its natural beauty, consistent waves, and warm water temperatures.

Ditch Plains beach - New York, US: Located on the eastern end of Long Island, this uncrowded beach offers huge, unpredictable waves, and warm waters in summer.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse - North Carolina, US: This North Carolina lighthouse attracts waves from every direction from nearby small islands. Surfing is best during autumn, when the waves are at their biggest and the water is still warm.

San Onofre state beach - California, US: Located 80 miles south of Los Angeles, this is one of the best and friendliest places to learn how to surf in southern California because of its easy-breaking waves.

Huntington beach - California, US: Huntington beach is home to the International Surfing Museum and known as ‘Surf City USA; This Orange county city boasts some of the best surfing in the US, especially during winter, when a wetsuit is recommended because of the chilly waters.

Surfrider beach - California, US: The movie Gidget first made Surfrider beach famous in the 1950s, and this Malibu Pier spot remains one of Los Angeles’ most famous surfing destinations. First Point is popular with long boarders, Second Wave is best for high performance surfing, and Third Point is most popular with locals.

Tofino - British Columbia, US : Most of British Columbia’s best surf spots are located in this Vancouver Island community. Tofino may not be a tropical destination, but its zigzagged coast, green forests, and remote island reefs offer unforgettable sights.

Lawrencetown beach - Nova Scotia, US: This provincial park near Halifax is Nova Scotia’s surfing mecca thanks to its location in the middle of the province’s complex Atlantic coast. A thick wetsuit is highly recommended for this region’s cold waters.

Dunkleys, Bermuda: This central Bermuda exposed reef break features the best surfing conditions near the island. Dunkleys is rarely crowded, but surfers must watch out for coral and rocks.