Almost every corner of North America has its own, excellent white water destinations surrounded by gorgeous scenery. Several guided tours are available to help visitors choose the white water adventure best suited for them, whether they’re expert paddlers or trying this unique experience for the first time.

Mendenhall river valley - Alaska, US: This white water adventure beneath the magnificent Mendenhall glacier is suitable for visitors of all ages. Only one mile of the trip includes white water, so rafters can relax, enjoy the view, and photograph icebergs floating in the lake during the rest of the journey.

American river (South Fork) - California, US: This is California’s most popular stretch of white water because of its thrilling rapids, amazing scenery, proximity to major cities, and historic significance as it passes the town of Coloma, where the 1849 California Gold Rush began.

Wenatchee - Washington, US: Winding between the Wenatchee river’s famous apple orchards, Washington state’s most popular rafting trip can be enjoyed by visitors of all experience levels. The white water adventure is interrupted by quieter stretches where rafters can engage in water flights or simply enjoy the view.

Colorado river - Colorado, US: This 10-mile stretch along I-70 is the Colorado river’s most rafted section. Virtually everyone over six years old can enjoy rafting trips through Glenwood canyon during summertime, while more experienced rafters can challenge the class III-IV rapids before an easier section.

Kennebec river- Maine, US: A nearby Central Maine Power Company dam provides the Kennebec river with some of the east coast’s largest waves and best white water rafting. The gentle Carry brook section is a popular spot for family rafting, while the upper gorge’s class III-IV-plus challenge more experienced rafters.

Gauley river - West Virginia, US: White water experts consider the Gauley river’s 100 rapids as ‘the best two-day white water rafting trip in North America.’ These challenging rapids are created when nearby Summersville lake’s water level is lowered each fall, and reservations for this busy season must be made weeks in advance.

Lower Youghiogheny - Pennsylvania, US: Known as the ‘Yough,’ this became the eastern US’ first commercially rafted river in 1964, and more than 100,000 rafters enjoy its challenging rapids today. Reservations for this popular destination are highly recommended.

Nantahala river - North Carolina, US: The Nantahala gorge near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in western North Carolina is one of the eastern US’ five most popular white water rafting destinations and an ideal location for beginners. Reservations are highly recommended.

Ocoee river - Tennessee, US: Paralleling US highway 64 in eastern Tennessee, this is one of the most popular southeastern US white water destinations. Rafters can enjoy almost continuous white water and spectacular scenery along the way.

Kicking Horse river - British Columbia, Canada: The challenging rapids of this river west of Alberta’s Banff National Park are not for the faint of heart, but this is one of Canada’s most popular white water destinations for more experienced rafters.

Ottawa river - Ontario, Canada: Ontario’s most popular white water destination is the Roche Fendu region located 75 miles west of Ottawa. This area is famous for its warm waters, powerful rapids, and numerous isolated islands and beaches.