Kalispell Travel Guide

Amid the Rocky Mountains in northwest Montana, little Kalispell is a scenic town that means ‘flat land above the lake’ in the local Native Indian dialect, a description that seems spot on given the town is 11kms north of picturesque Flathead Lake. If you like the great outdoors, mountainous terrain and hiking then Kalispell is the place for you. Otherwise, there really isn’t much going on here in terms of cultural attractions.

Known as the gateway to Glacier National Park, Kalispell is located about 50kms from the park entrance so you will need a car. The park itself is a major draw card in the area, a UNESCO World Heritage site crammed full of blooming plains, huge mountains and yes, glaciers. You might want to try to fit this place into your schedule prior to 2030, however, as scientists warn that soon afterwards many of the glaciers may have already disappeared. Mother Nature’s cycle or man’s rampant abuse of the environment? You decide.

Kalispell makes a great base for the park as it’s only 15kms from Glacier Park International Airport if you’re planning to fly in and there are plenty of places to hire a car in the airport or in town to make that trip to see the glaciers.


Glacier National Park: UNESCO and two million visitors a year cannot be wrong. This really is one of the most scenic parts of America and a must if you’re in Kalispell or indeed anywhere in Montana.

Flathead Lake: is another dose of wonderful scenery close to the town just 10kms south. It’s a great spot for hiking and fishing. If you’re feeling brave, you could even try swimming in it too but be warned, it’s usually freezing cold.