East Sumbawa Travel Guide

East Sumbawa is the quietest part of the West Nusa Tenggara Sumbawa Island. Tourist facilities are limited but it is home to the huge Mount Tambora volcano and provides access to Komodo.

Bima is the main town in East Sumbawa, located on the coast in the northeast. It is a quiet, dusty place but has an airport and is gateway for the rest of the region. The natural beauty of East Sumbawa is its main attraction, with lofty terrain and a stunning coastline.

The massive Tambora volcano lies in the center/north of East Sumbawa. It boasts a 2,800-meter peak with a six-kilometer-diameter, 700 meter-deep crater and excellent trekking. Komodo Island National Park is 20kms off the east coast of East Sumbawa, equidistant between it and Flores. It comes with superb diving and is home to the fearsome Komodo dragon.

Getting There & Away

Mohammad Salahuddin Airport in Bima is the main gateway to East Sumbawa, with a several flights a week from Mataram, Lombok and Denpasar, Bali. Arriving by ferry is tough going in either direction. From Bali, you will need to go via Lombok (traveling overland), onto Port Tano in West Sumbawa and then take a bus to East Sumbawa. Ferries come in from West Flores to East Sumbawa, past Komodo Island.