Den Kiep Bac Travel Guide

Den Kiep Bac is generally more appealing to local holiday makers than foreign tourists, but it is worth a visit if you are in the area because its natural and local charm are what make it so unique.

It is a very good alternative to other larger and more nondescript towns as there are many sights on offer which you will not experience in other parts of the country. The town boasts beautiful countryside alongside ancient buildings and traditional houses. There are also many monuments to visit and the famous Den Kiep Bac temple. It is located 80 kms outside of Hanoi and is easily reachable by public transport.

The temple, which is home to an annual festival (in the 8th lunar month), was built at the start of the 14th century and is the site where Tran Hung Dao is said to have died. The temple was to honor the general and his family. As well as all of the sights on offer, Den Kiep Bac is also famous for its excellent cuisine.

Getting There & Away

Den Kiep Bac is easily reached by bus or taxi from Hanoi. To get to Hanoi, it is possible to fly from other Southeast Asian cities such as Bangkok or from a city within Vietnam. The airport has many public transport options and it is possible to fly to and from Ho Chi Minh City in one hour.

Things to Do

Den Kiep Bac Attractions

Den Kiep Bac Temple

This historic temple is dedicated to the famous general, tran hung dao. it is very popular with local visitors but not much is known about it in the western world. it s a fascinating shrine to the general with many traditional symbolic monuments used to celebrate his life.