Co Loa Citadel Travel Guide

Co Loa Citadel is located near Phong Khe, about 20kms west of Hanoi. It dates back to ancient Vietnam and boasts impressive towers, relics and ruins. It is steeped in myth and legend, making it an important landmark in northern Vietnam. The site consists of two outer walls protecting the castle inside.

It is home to a number of ancient relics which have been unearthed by excavations throughout the years. Important artifacts include Dong Son style pottery and a large drum full of bronze items. These objects are extremely rare and therefore attract people from all over Asia.

Today, the castle is fiercely protected by Vietnamese archeological groups. It is open to tourists and should be explored if you are in the area. Despite being a historically important and architecturally beautiful building, it is still not visited by many tourists, which means that you will have the freedom to explore it in virtual privacy. The grounds are almost as impressive as the castle itself, with landscaped gardens surrounded by the ancient walls. It is not hard to picture it when it would have been in its full glory.

Getting There & Away

Co Loa Citadel is best reached by bus from Hanoi, which is also home to the nearest airport. There are regular buses every day from the central bus station with journeys taking just under one hour. Mini buses are also available although these tend to be for guided tours and can work out to be very expensive.