While people don’t usually come to the Polar Regions for the sole purpose of trekking, some areas of Antarctica and the North Pole ice cap can be traversed on foot in organized expeditions. The terrain is mostly flat in the North Pole, but trekking here is rarely considered easy due to the extreme weather conditions trekkers must face. Antarctica has a varied, mountainous terrain, providing even greater challenges.

North Pole: Trekking in the North Pole is almost always done in organized groups, with it possible for expedition members to cover the route from their landing point to the designated geographical pole on foot. The terrain is mostly flat ice, but trekking here is not considered easy due to the extremes in temperatures and the necessity to bring everything you need with you.

Antarctica: Antarctica has 10 coastal stations and a handful of unpaved air fields able to receive visitors. From these air strips and ports it is possible to trek to areas of interest although no more than 100 people are allowed on land at any one time. Generally visitors only trek to sites of specific interest.

Tundra Trekking – Nunavut, Canada: Nunavut offers some great outdoor adventures in its northern arctic territories in the summer months of June and July. The rocky landscape is largely desolate but nevertheless home to some interesting plant life. The area’s wildlife is perhaps the highlight of a trek here, but trekkers need to play safe when in the homeland of polar bears.

Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut, Greenland: Many parts of Greenland can be hiked on foot in the summer months, when the midnight sun makes long hiking hours possible. There are number of popular routes that lead hikers through almost untouched beauty, with cabins available at some locations. The route from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut is a favourite.

Lapland, Finland: Unparalleled trekking opportunities await visitors in this little populated region of Finland. Follow one of the designated hiking paths and stay in no-charge log cabins en route, with the hiking around Enontekiö particularly good.