Antarctica saw its first church built in 2004, with the church flat-packed and sent from Russia to serve the spiritual needs of Russian workers at Bellingshausen Station. This pretty church, built from wood in traditional Russian style, is worthy of a visit by the few who make it to this corner of the globe.

Trinity Church, Antarctica: Situated on King George Island, this recently built wooden church is the southernmost Eastern Orthodox church in the world. With space to house just 30 worshippers, Trinity Church was erected in 2004 and serves the spiritual needs of the Russians working at the nearby Russian Bellingshausen Station.

Old Church of the Parish of Keminmaa – Lapland, Finland: This 16th century church is of little interest architecturally, yet it houses the un-decaying body of a 17th century Lutheran priest, Nikolaus Rungius, who preached before he died that: ‘A If my words are not true, then my body shall rot, but if they are true then my body will not rot’.