Diving trips, and to a lesser extent snorkeling trips, around Antarctica are becoming increasingly popular, with travelers interested in this isolated part of the world coming here to enjoy ice cavities, great visibility and the array of interesting species found here. The extreme temperatures of the waters means divers need to be experienced and well-equipped, with Ice Diver PADI certification necessary for some dives.

The North Pole is only just opening up to divers, with few expeditions diving in the region’s waters. While some well-prepared groups venture here each year, there are no organized expeditions available that are suited to tourists. A better option is to test your ice diving skis in Russia’s White Sea.

Antarctica: Antarctica’s underwater sights are as plentiful as its sights above water, making a diving excursion here a great way to gain a different perspective on the region. Small diving expeditions visit the Antarctic Peninsula’s best dive sites, taking in icebergs, the edges of ice flows and the fascinating marine life, including penguins and seals.

North Pole: While some experienced divers have conducted dive trips in the North Pole, diving here is reserved for technical divers only and there are no tourist operators offering organized dive trips in the region. Snorkeling with seals is, however, possible at some Arctic locations.

White Sea, Russia: Russia’s White Sea, part of Barents Sea, lies in the Arctic Circle and offers a number of dive adventures from its Arctic Circle Dive Centre. This is the only place in geographical Europe where you can go sea ice diving. Divers can enjoy underwater ice caverns and formations as well as soft corals and Beluga whales.