Tambobo Bay Travel Guide

Tambobo Bay, officially Bonbonon Bay, occupies a lovely part of southern Negros near the town of Siaton and is a great place to be based for sailing, surfing, and relaxing.

Worth It?
Yes, if you are into water sports and sailing.
What to Do
sailing, snorkeling, relaxing.
Best Time to Go
anytime between November and April; March through May for the best diving on Apo Island.
How Long?
A few days should suffice in Tambobo Bay.
moorings in Tambobo Bay are protected from full typhoon force due to the inlet bending around 90 degrees and running inland.

The bay is a perfect natural harbor, being protected from the full force of typhoon winds, and is a popular natural boating anchorage in the Visayas. It is surrounded by pristine jungle and although the beaches aren't the best, the range of activities on offer makes up for it.

There are several high end resorts in Tambobo Bay, including the Tambobo Beach Club, the Philippine Beach Resort, and the Tongo Sail Inn. All of these places have good accommodation overlooking the water, along with access to the harbor for those with boats.

In addition there are several nearby beach resorts with better beaches such as Maluay and Malatapay, while Apo Island is just across the Bohol Sea and has some of the best diving in the entire region.

Travel to Tambobo Bay - Getting There

Dumaguete City Airport is the gateway to Negros - an hour's flight from the capital, Manila, less from neighboring Cebu's airport. Public transport runs from Dumaguete City to Dauin in under an hour. Both Manila's and Cebu's international airports are major gateways into the country.

Tambobo Bay Things to Do

Tambobo Bay Attractions

Tambobo harbor and beach
the entire area is the main attraction, a natural inlet that stretches a couple of kilometers inland.

Side trips from Tambobo Bay

Apo Island
is just across the Bohol Sea and has some of the best diving in the entire region.


Santa Cruzan Festival
if you are in Tambobo Bay in May, be sure to stop off in Dumaguete, the provincial capital, for this fun street fiesta.
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