Yasothon Travel Guide

Yasathon is the smallest province in Thai Isaan. There’s little to interest tourists outside of the Rocket Festival held every May. Aside from this, the main reason to visit Yasothon is to learn more about Isaan culture.

This tiny city lacks the trappings of a provincial capital. The biggest industry is rice production, not tourism, so there’s not much in the way of infrastructure. During the hot season, the Chi River partially dries and reveals a stretch of beach that’s popular for evening and weekend gatherings.

The main attraction in Yasothorn is the Maha That temple complex with its Lao-style architecture and prominent stupas. The Scripture Hall houses ancient writings on palm leaves. The May Rocket Festival can be fun, but it’s worth noting that these explosives are homemade and don’t always follow the planned trajectory.

Getting There & Away

The nearest airport is in Ubon Ratchathani, which offers quick domestic connections to Bangkok and Chiang Mai. From Ubon Ratchathani it takes roughly 1 hour, 30 minutes to reach Yasothon by coach. Long-haul coaches to Bangkok take around 9 hours. There’s no bus terminal in Yasothon so coaches park at random places around town.

Yasathon attractions

  • Maha That Temple: the central temple in Yasothon is a large complex with several impressive structures. Of these, Phra That Kong Khao Noi and the Scripture Hall are the most interesting.
  • Ban Si Tham: this handicraft village is famous for producing the traditional triangular pillows that are available across Thailand.
  • Rocket Festival: homemade rockets take to the skies during the second weekend in May. A parade and beauty pageant round out the events.