Tangier Travel Guide

The vivacious city of Tangier is located on Morocco’s northern tip, close to Spain. Many different cultures merge in this ‘White City’, which has been a major travel destination for the rich and famous for decades. A number of fascinating architectural and historical sites as well as some lovely beaches await visitors, who will also be distracted by millionaires’ yachts, beautiful people and mouth-watering cuisine.

Tangier attracts tourists with its various enthralling sites that reveal its captivating history and characteristic culture. The city’s treasures are displayed at the Kasbah, a museum placed in an old palace, while the Petit Socco and the Grand Socco are squares where people take a break at the charming cafés. Tangier’s major draws are not far from one another, making it unproblematic for visitors to discover them on foot.

After all the sightseeing, uncountable traditional and state-of-the-art dining places tempt you with lip-smacking Moroccan dishes, or you can just relax at one of the plentiful squares dotted around Tangier, like Place de France. Shopping devotees will be spoiled by a wide range of souks (markets) and bazaars offering exceptional local bits and pieces, while gamblers might wallow in their vice at one of Africa’s largest casinos.


Kasbah: a multiplex of castles looking out over Tangier, the Kasbah is home to a stunning 17th century palace and some lovely gardens. ****

Museum of Moroccan Art: is situated in the Kasbah and exhibits exclusive settings in the prince’s splendid apartments.

Museum of Antiquities: also located in the Kasbah, the Museum of Antiquities boasts several magnificent collections from various Roman sites.

Forbes Museum: featuring 115,000 toy soldiers displayed with the use of lighting and sound effects, this is a must-see for kids.****

Petit Socco: placed in the center of the Medina, this is a pulsating area featuring cafés and terraces packed with all kinds of people-gazing-at-other-people while having a glass of mint tea.****

Grand Socco: this is where Sultan Mohammed V held a legendary speech concerning Morocco’s independence.

Tangier American Legation: elucidating the history of the relationship between the United States and Morocco since 1776, this is also the location for the Allied Forces’ landing in 1942.****