Sula Islands Travel Guide

The Sula Islands are a set of islands in central/eastern Indonesia that, although pretty, are quite tough to get to and are generally only appealing to ornithologists and naturalists.

The Sula chain of islands are situated in the western part of North Maluku Province]] and feature three main islands and dozens of smaller ones. The main islands of the Sula Islands are the largest - Taliabu, Sanana and Mangole.

The islands are generally hilly and forested on Taliabu and Mangole, and flatter on Sanana where the airport is. Taliabu has the highest point at 1,157m. The Capalulu Strait separates Taliabu and Mangole.

Much of the land on the Sula Islands is very thickly vegetated with little population spread. Sanana is the most populous per given area and has a range of rare birds, including parrots. There are several unique species of birds here.

Getting There & Away

Sanana Airport on Sanana Island receives flights from Ambon (Maluku) and Ternate (North Maluku) with Trigana Air. Flight time aboard light aircraft is about 1 hour from either city, from where you can connect with Jakarta. Ferries also land at the main Sula Islands (Taliabu, Sanana, and Mangole) from Ambon and Ternate, as well as from various ports in Celebes (Sulawesi).