Pulau Weh Travel Guide

Pulau Weh (Weh Island) is a little island to the north of Banda Aceh in northern Sumatra that is known for its fantastic beaches and diving. Also sometimes referred to as Sabang, it is just an hour from Banda by boat.

Sabang is the main town and port on Pulau Weh. It is located in the north of the small island and comes with a little airfield and the most comprehensive facilities on the island.

The main tourist hotspots on Pulau Weh are Gapang in the south of the island and Iboih to the west of Sabang. Both of these resort villages have superb beaches, great snorkeling, a fair amount of beachfront bungalow resort operations, and a chilled vibe. Iboih is known for its diving at nearby Rubiah and Gapang for the marine life around the house reef.

Divers and snorkelers can expect to see exotic fish, clams, manta rays and maybe even sharks. If you’re into hiking, there’s also a small mountain on the island, Mount Balek. There are caf├ęs, bars and shops in Sabang, Iboih, and Gapang.

Getting There & Away

Banda Aceh is the gateway town to Pulau Weh, an hour by boat to the south. It receives flights from Jakarta in around 2 hours, 40 minutes. There is a fast and a slow ferry to Pulau Weh from Banda Aceh harbor, taking 1 hour and 2 hours, 30 minutes respectively.

Onward Travel

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