Phetchaburi Travel Guide

Phetchaburi lies on the border between Thailand and Myanmar, on a scenic coastline. The region is made up from fertile jungles and mountainous peaks; perfect for nature enthusiasts to visit.

The city is steeped in history and archaeological evidence shows that it has been around since the Dvaravati period. It is also known as the ‘Living Ayutthaya‘, as the architecture and spirit in Phetchaburi resemble that of the old city which was destroyed by the Burmese over 200 years ago.

There are many temples to visit and the Old Royal Palace is a popular tourist attraction. There are some interesting caves to explore as well as a large shopping mall and a wide variety of accommodation. The nearby beaches are immaculate and provide nice places to sit back and relax.

Getting There & Away

The city is only 50 miles north of Hua Hin and there are many buses, taxis and trains running between the two locations. A bus will take about one hour, 30 minutes and a train about 40 minutes. Bangkok is only two hours away on Highway 31, where the nearest international airport can be found. There are also trains running from Bangkok that will take about 50 minutes to Phetchaburi.

Petchaburi attractions

  • Khao Luang Caves: they contain 170 Buddha statues and after descending into the main chambers there are two small holes in the roof that allow natural sunlight to enter.
  • The Old Royal Palace: is a major tourist attraction that sits on the top of a hill and was built by King Rama IV.