Nonthaburi Travel Guide

Nonthaburi is famed across Thailand for being home to stunning palaces, pristine royal gardens, Ko Kret’s famous pottery, ancient temples and historic buildings. It is part of greater Bangkok and a must-see for anyone who has time.

Many Thais and expats live in Nonthaburi and it houses one of the capital’s best schools, the International School of Bangkok. Most visitors do not take the time to visit any of Bangkok’s suburbs because they are pushed for time but if you are not following a strict schedule, Nonthaburi has many beautiful sights and far fewer crowds than Bangkok.

It was first listed as a city in the 16th century and has grown enormously ever since. Unfortunately, however, it is overshadowed by Bangkok and very rarely gets the praise it so rightly deserves.

There is a very good tourist infrastructure here and many Western conveniences. It is a good alternative to Bangkok for anyone who is intimidated by the capital. It is an easy city to walk around and there are many public transport options for those who would rather sit back and take it all in.

Getting There & Away

It is possible to either take a bus or ferry to Nonthaburi from Bangkok. There is a great deal of buses to choose from which leave from numerous destinations around the city. There are also daily express boats leaving from Wat Ratcha Singh Khon Pier bound for Nonthaburi. They leave this pier every 20 minutes and head along the river.

Nothaburi attractions

  • Ko Kret: a small island in the middle of the river which is home to people from the Mon tribe and famous throughout the world for its beautiful pottery.