Buffalo Travel Guide

Once considered a glum industrial city on the decline, Buffalo is redefining itself as one of the Great Lakes’ top destinations. New York’s second-largest city often gets a bad rap thanks to its horrific winter weather, but with such wonders as Niagara Falls just minutes away, Buffalo is worth more than just a casual visit.

Buffalo made its mark during the industrial age as one of the most important ports along the Great Lakes, but this past success led to an unpleasant decline in modern times. Recently however the city has pulled itself out of the muck and embarked on an ambitious redevelopment program of its wonderful waterfront district at the center.

Like a fire stoked, the residents have helped turn Buffalo into a respectable tourist destination with a surprising amount of cultural, historic and entertainment attractions on offer. This is a great city to visit if you have kids thanks to its amusement parks, museums and zoo. Naturally, you’ll want to see Niagara Falls, but take a little extra time and see what Buffalo has hidden away.

Buffalo attractions

Albright-Knox Art Gallery: Matisse, Picasso, Warhol and Pollock make this one of the world’s great centers of modern art, presenting the entire evolution of this genre.

Buffalo City Hall: this towering Art Deco building is the tallest city hall in the country and offers a free observation deck.

Buffalo Zoo: opened in 1870, the city’s well-organized zoo has an impressive array of wildlife kept in pleasantly natural habitats.

Graycliff: one of several of Frank Lloyd Wright’s amazing architectural creations in the city sits atop an equally dramatic 70-foot cliff overlooking Lake Erie.

Lockport Cave: a fascinating look back at the locks of Erie Canal is just one highlight of this 70-minute boat tour that culminates in an underground boat ride.

Martin’s Fantasy Island: if you brought the kids along, this entertaining amusement park will wear them out with dozens of rides and attractions.

Niagara Falls: one of the world’s great natural wonders is just minutes away from Buffalo and can’t be missed.