Elko Travel Guide

Elko is the main city of Elko county in the state of Nevada, USA. It is located along the Interstate 80 between Salt Lake City and Reno, and is the largest urban area between the two.

The city of Elko is built on the desert land that can be seen throughout the state of Nevada. It is a city that has a long and proud mix of cultures. Annual festivals such as the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering and the National Basque Festival are both hosted here.

The Western American casino culture is evident in this city, with four establishments open to the avid gambler into the early hours of the morning. An interesting Nevada law states that cities with a population of less than 400,000 are entitled to open fully-licensed brothels. Elko, with a population of just over 20,000 takes full advantage of this leniency and is home to no less than five such establishments. At regular intervals gangs of motor bikers will be seen thundering into the city, for a quick stopover on their journey through the deserts of Nevada.


Western Folklife Center: is a facility dedicated to educating outsiders on the traditions and customs of people living in Western America.

National Cowboy Poetry Gathering: is a week-long festival, celebrating both contemporary and traditional arts of the men and women whose lives are dedicated to their land and animals.

National Basque Festival: this annual festival sees a revival of the Basque traditions brought to this western city by Celtic immigrants. The festival is a celebration of traditional Basque dance, wine, food and music.

Ruby Mountains: within driving distance from Elko, this soaring mountain range offers visitors breathtaking panoramic views of the Nevada landscape.