Mae Taeng Travel Guide

The small town of Mae Taeng sits at the junction of two major roads leading west towards Pai and north towards the Burmese border. This has encouraged a booming tourism industry based around outdoor activities.

There’s little to the town of Mae Taeng itself, so most visitors stay in neighboring Chiang Dao or Fang. The mountains surrounding Mae Taeng are covered in small ethnic hill tribe villages that make excellent trekking destinations.

The town has also emerged as a hub for river rafting in recent years. The Mae Taeng River is ideally suited for fun casual rafting trips down the scenic river. Or if you want to contemplate you life, tuck into the Fang Dao Forest Monastery, a traditional forest retreat for Buddhist meditation, for a couple of days.

Another hot attraction is the Elephant Training Center Taeng-Dao. This particular center is one of the best in northern Thailand, offering a look at traditional mahout training as well as the usual elephant shows.

Getting There & Away

Buses provide regular service from Chiang Mai as they head farther north toward Fang. Most tour companies in Chiang Mai arrange trips to the Mae Taeng valley for whatever excursion you want and provide the transportation. But if you want to go it alone, it’s best to rent a car and drive yourself. Chiang Mai, a 1 hour drive away, is where you will find the nearest airport.

Things to Do

Mae Taeng Attractions

Mae Taeng River

River rafting along the lovely mellow stretch of water is the most popular activity in the area.

Elephant Training Center

If you haven’t been to an elephant camp yet, this one is worth a visit to learn more about the traditional role of elephants in thailand.

Fang Dao Forest Monastery

This popular meditation retreat monastery is open to anyone who wants to quietly contemplate the meaning of life.