Loksado Travel Guide

Loksado lies in the southern part of South Kalimantan, around five hours from the capital Banharmasin, and is a good base from which to go trekking on the Meratus Mountains plateau.

It is around 165kms from Banharmasin and 40kms from Kandangan and is one of unique scenery. The best part about Loksado is the traditional longhouses used by the Dayak folk that lie dotted around the countryside. There are also some pretty cool river markets. The town is not much to look at or spend any significant amount of time in, however.

The trekking to the Meratus Mountains between Loksado and Haratai over the mountains is the most impressive feature of this region. Bamboo rafting on the Amandit River is part of most trek tours. Walks go over bridges, through forests and past many villages.

Getting There & Away

Loksado is best accessed by bus from Banharmasin, with the journey taking around 5 or 6 hours to reach the town. Syamsuddin Noor Airport in Banharmasin is the main airport in the area, with flights from Jakarta taking around 2 hours.

Things to Do

Loksado Attractions

Dayak Longhouse

There are around 20 of these traditional longhouses around loksado, each holding several families.

Side trips from Loksado

Meratus Mountains

The main highlight of loksado is a trek up to these mountains and over to the next settlement of haratai.


Jujuran ceremony

Elaborate event in loksado that happen whenever anyone gets married. it’s the bit before the actual wedding and features lots of singing and dancing.