Banharmasin Travel Guide

Situated in the southwest of South Kalimantan Province, Banharmasin is its capital and largest city. Banharmasin has a population of over half a million and is accessed by international airport and by boat.

There are a few attractions worth seeking out in Banharmasin such as the traditional Banjarese houses and the city’s canals. Kampung Palace on Jalan Pangeran Samudera is one of the main attractions, and although in ruin, you can see the Masjid Sultan Suriansyah Mosque, South Kalimantan|Kalimantan’s first.

The floating markets of Banharmasin are also worthy of a few hours. Canals and rivers snake through the city and are a way of life. You can charter a boat and do a tour of these canals and their markets. Nearby Flower Island (Pulau Kembang) is also worth a visit for its ancient Chinese temple and monkeys.

Getting There & Away

Banharmasin is best accessed by plane as South Kalimantan is fairly remote. Syamsuddin Noor Airport (Banharmasin) is the main one in the province and receives flights from all over, including from Jakarta in 2 hours. The airport is 30 minutes from the city. Trisakti Harbor receives the Express Ferry from Java (8 hours), while slow boats come in from Central and East Kalimantan by river.

Things to Do

Banharmasin Attractions

Masjid Sultan Suriansyah

South kalimantan’s oldest mosque was built in the 1600s.

Banharmasin floating markets

A boat tour of the canals early morning is lots of fun to take in the markets.

Side trips from Banharmasin

Flower Island

Pulau kembang is about 20 minutes from town and is more laid back than the city. take in the old chinese temple.


Banharmasin’s Birthday

The town’s official birthday is september 24 when the streets come alive with music and dancing.