Lijiang Travel Guide

Lijiang is a busy little city in northwest Yunnan. It lies amid beautiful mountain scenery in a deep valley, 400kms northwest of Kunming, and has plenty of history as well as being the gateway to the Baisha Frescoes.

Lijiang boasts over 800 years of history and is blessed with streams, rivers, canals, and lakes. It resides on a spot where the Jade River splits into three streams that then proceed to flow right through town.

Sights to check out in Lijiang include the Mansion of Mu Clan, a large complex just outside the old town; and the Culture Show, which features the renowned Naxi Orchestra.

The national historical relic Baisha Frescoes reside in the large Dabaoji Palace in nearby Baisha and are the big attraction in the region. Also in Baisha are the Dongba Hieroglyphs - the world’s only pictographs - and a nice look and feel for amblers.

Getting There & Away

The most convenient way to visit Lijiang is by flying. Lijiang Airport receives limited flights from Kunming and Xishuangbanan. Shuttles serve the town from the airport. Buses take 5 hours from Dali via highway G214.

Things to Do

Lijiang Attractions

Mu Palace

The largest palace in the region, which extends over a hillside and was home to the naxi rulers for four centuries.

Side trips from Lijiang

Baisha Frescoes

Ancient murals painted on the insides of the dabaoji palace complex in the nearby ancient town of baisha, a must-see for all types of visitor.


Torch Festival

A bustling trade fair featuring all sorts of entertainment in late june.