Labhuhan Lombok Travel Guide

Labuhan is set in East Lombok and is one of the least visited parts of the Indonesian holiday island, with only a few places to stay and local restaurants to dine at.

Labuhan Lombok is home to a post office, wartel and a handful of small budget accommodations and local food stalls. There is little to do in the small and limiting town and many people use it as a transit stop over before moving on to somewhere more interesting and friendly. Labuhan Pandan and Labuhan Haji are both close by and offer more things to do and see.

There are many bemos in Labuhan Lombok, which are great for getting around in, but take care in how much you pay for a ride as local drivers are sometimes overly keen to get foreign visitors to dig deep into their pockets. Some of the tallest mahogany trees on the island can be seen in the area but most of the land is dry and parched, making hiking uncomfortable under foot.

Travel to Labuhan Lombok - getting there

A 2-hour flight from Jakarta will bring tourists to the pretty island of Lombok. Bali’s smaller international airport is only 25 minutes away by plane and there are regular boat services running between Lombok and its sister island that take between 1 and 5 hours depending on the type of service.

In brief

Worth it? Not many people use Labuhan Lombok as more than a place to stop for a rest before moving on as it can be expensive and slightly unwelcoming.

What to do: eat, sleep and move on.

Best time to go: May to September.

How long? A day.

Labuhan Lombok attractions

  • The beach: the only real attraction in Labuhan Lombok is the nearby beach.

Side trips from Labuhan Lombok

  • Labuhan Haji: a nearby coastal town with a nice beach, better accommodation and friendly locals.