Music therapy is used at the Kampot Traditional Music School to open up education, learning and growth opportunities to orphans and the disabled children of southern Cambodia. Here, hundreds of children find a respite from the incessant worries of poverty stricken Cambodia, and also learn skills that can earn them an income in their adulthood.

Indeed, many graduates of Kampot Traditional Music School have gone on to successful careers back in the capital, Phnom Penh and in other parts of Cambodia as well as other Southeast Asian countries as skilled players of traditional regional instruments. There is a widening set of opportunities for musicians in Cambodia and work in a tourist resort or hotel is a large leap from begging on the streets.

This latter option is really a good outcome in itself for many of Cambodia’s horribly disadvantaged children, so the leap to a better job and future is a real achievement of this justifiably awarded and well-supported education center.

Donations and establishment grants from Australia, Britain, Japan and Canada helped build the school and establish a core staff group. Ongoing public donations as well as financial support from the government of The Netherlands help keep the school running smoothly.

In brief

What is it? A music school for orphans and disabled children in southern Cambodia.

Opening hours: 07:30 to 15:30, Monday to Friday.

Entrance fees: donations to the school are happily accepted.


Where: Kampot Province in southern Cambodia.

How to get there: the 140km journey from Phnom Penh is traversed by songthaew and motorcycle taxi, as well as plenty of tour group buses and takes around 3 hours.