Hat Nai Yang Travel Guide

Located in Phuket’s northwest, Hay Nai Yang, or Nai Yang Beach, is the closest beach to the airport and a picture of seclusion. It is one of Phuket’s quieter beaches and only has a few resorts.

Although Hat Nai Yang isn’t the prettiest strip of sand in Phuket, it is quiet and appeals to the more discerning type of traveler. The beach is shaded by ironwood trees, which also help to buffer the sound from planes taking off and landing, while one or two makeshift bars help to liven things up at night.

There is nothing in the way of hedonistic nightlife and girlie bars if that’s your thing and shopping is also non-existent. You should rent a scooter to have a look around although getting to and from the airport by taxi or tuk-tuk (motorized rickshaw) is not a problem.

Getting There & Away

Being the closest beach to the airport, Hat Nai Yang is accessible within minutes via taxi or hire car via Route 4031 (south) once you step off the plane. Flights come into Phuket from all over and Phuket Town, the main center on Phuket, is about 40 minutes away by taxi.

Things to Do

Hat Nai Yang Attractions

Hat Nai Yang

The main draw is the beach itself; a kilometer-long strip of quiet sand.

Sirinat National Park

This nearby national park has mangrove forests, coral reef and sea turtles.