Hat Mai Khao Travel Guide

Hat Mai Khao (Mai Khao Beach) is a lengthy Andaman beach in the north of Phuket, just to the north of the airport. Also known as Airport Beach, or Hat Sanambin, it has that deserted look and feel and features groves of pines.

Hat Mai Khao is perfect for those on an overnight in Phuket due to its setting right near the airport. It is also good for those wanting to visit nearby Sirinat National Park. This national park covers a sizeable area on Phuket and features fantastic swimming and lots of coral reef to explore. There is also a huge area of mangrove forests in the north and a nature trail.

Also near to Hat Mai Khao are Nai Thon and Nai Yang beaches, which lie next to each other and are also well within reach of Phuket International Airport. Nai Thon has the nicest setting, located as it is at the foot of high hills.

Getting There & Away

Phuket International Airport is the gateway to Phuket and lies right next to Hat Mai Khao. You can be at your hotel within minutes by taxi. Phuket Town is the island’s capital and lies around 40 minutes from the airport by taxi.

Things to Do

Hat Mai Khao Attractions

Mai Khao Beach

A secluded beach lying within reach of phuket international airport.

Sirinat National Park

A gorgeous protected area near to hat mai khao, where stunning coral reefs, mangrove forests, and sea turtles reside.