Fak-Fak Travel Guide

The town of Fak-Fak resides on the west coast of West Papua Province in Western Papua. It’s a bit of a historical town in lush surroundings and is gateway to this part of Papua for those arriving by boat.

Fak-Fak is a sizeable town that is spit into districts and villages, also encompassing the mining district of Freeport. Fak-Fak was taken by the Japanese in WWII and has a poignant monument commemorating the people that died at their hand. Another monument - Perjuangan Merah Putih - was built on nearby Tubir Seram Island in 1969 and comes with a stunning landscaped garden.

Located along the riverbank within a couple hours’ walking distance of Fak-Fak, or 10 minutes by boat, is a beautiful waterfall in nearby Pasir Putih village. It’s a great place to come for bathing and has fine views over the area. Being on the coast, Fak-Fak also has access to excellent diving territory.

Getting There & Away

Fak-Fak Airport is just outside of town and receives flights from Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar, Bali, with Lion Air. Flight time is around 2 hours, 30 minutes. Ferries also arrive in Fak-Fak from Ambon in Maluku Province. Fak-Fak is an all-day bus trip from the Western Papua capital, Jayapura.

Things to Do

Fak-fak Attractions

Perjuangan Merah Putih monument

A beautiful monument located on the tiny island of tubir seram just in front of town.

Side trips from Fak-Fak

Pasir Putih village

A 10-minute boat ride from fak-fak, this village is home to a stunning waterfall so typical of papua.

Fak-Fak scuba diving

There are loads of spots up and down the west coast near to fak-fak where deep caves harbor all sorts of life.