Dumai Travel Guide

Dumai is a major port city on the southeastern coast of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Although it’s mainly used as a ferry hub, there are a handful of things to do in the city if you have free time.

As the largest port city in Riau Province, Dumai is usually bustling with activity along the waterfront. Dumai Port faces the Malacca Strait and is extremely crowded with everything from freighter vessels to Indonesian naval ships.

The city itself is somewhat unremarkable, but there are a few interesting attractions such as the Dumai Raya Mosque, the pride of the local Islamic community and an attractive piece of architecture.

The Seven Princesses Tomb is another unusual site in that legends say seven princesses were hidden in this tomb when the city was attacked. However, no one told the queen, who had the tomb enclosed with the princesses still alive inside.

Makmur Bay is Dumai’s best destination for sand and sea. Its beach is pleasant and the traditional Malay village is worth checking out. This is the place for recreation such as surfing, kayaking and lounging on the sand. Dumai Tourism Lake is another place you can go to get some fresh air and exercise in a clean outdoor environment.

Getting There & Away

Dumai is a major port city on Sumatra, so it’s easy to reach by ferry. From Malaysia several ferry operators run daily boats from Port Klang near Kuala Lumpur, which take about 3 hours, as well as from Fort Dickson. Daily ferries also arrive from many parts of Indonesia, such as the Bintan and Batam Islands, which provide connections with Singapore (2 hours).

Things to Do

Dumai Attractions

Dumai Port

This busy port handles a steady flow of huge freighters, navy ships and fishing boats, making for some great people watching.

Makmur Bay

There is some decent surf here, and the beach is good enough for a relaxing day spent working on your tan.

Side trips from Dumai

Riau Islands

Dumai is a great jumping off point for ferries to the 3,000 beautiful islands in the riau archipelago.