Chonburi Travel Guide

The closest seaside resort to Bangkok, Chonburi is a popular weekend getaway destination among locals. It also attracts its fair share of foreign visitors seeking a break from the hustle and bustle typically associated with Thailand’s capital city.

The town, which is believed to have been around since the Ayutthaya period, is the capital of the province of the same name and situated around 62 miles from Bangkok on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. The rural community in and around the town are responsible for growing rubber trees, sugar cane and cassava.

Chonburi has all the obvious features of a coastal town including scenic beaches, delightful fishing communities and seafood restaurants. Accommodation is abundant and affordable by North American or European standards. The town also has excellent selection of dining and evening entertainment venues.

Getting There & Away

Regular buses run from Bangkok’s Ekamai and Morchit bus stations, taking around 90 minutes to make the journey. Visitors arriving at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport and preferring to travel in greater comfort can take a taxi all the way to Chonburi for a reasonable fee. There are also trains from Hualampong Station to Chonburi’s Plu-ta-lung Station.

Things to Do

Chonburi Attractions

Bang Saen

As chonburi town is lacking in obvious tourist attractions, many visitors travel the six or so miles to the resort of bang saen, where attractions include ocean world leisure park, bang saen aquarium and bang saen golf course.