Ba Vi National Park Travel Guide

Ba Vi National Park is located on Mount Ba Vi, which is an isolated mountain about 50kms west of Hanoi. It is extremely rich in tropical flora and fauna with dozens of different species of unique plants. It is a must visit for anyone who likes the outdoors or has a passion for tropical gardens.

The park is home to many myths and legends, the most famous being that the mountain was once Son Tinh, the Mountain God. He is one of the four Immortal Deities and the founder of a great deal of Vietnamese culture. Locals travel from all corners of the country to get a glimpse of the imposing mountain while tourists travel from all across the world to view the natural untamed beauty. It is this fairy-tale legend mixed with the real-life beauty that makes Ba Vi so interesting.

There is plenty to do while staying in Ba Vi. Activities include jungle trekking, bird watching, boating on the lakes, relaxing in the natural hot springs, sightseeing and taking advantage of all the ancient relics, mountain climbing and generally getting close to nature. It is possible to camp here or stay in one of the jungle lodges found throughout and if you have time, it is worth staying for a few days to take full advantage of everything on offer.

Getting There & Away

Ba Vi is best reached by bus from Hanoi, the location of the nearest major airport. There are daily buses from the central bus station with journeys taking just over one hour. It is also possible to hire a car and drive yourself as the roads are well signposted from Hanoi, but be careful on the roads because the Vietnamese are notoriously bad drivers.