Located in the Cambodian south in Takeo province, Angkor Borei, an ancient Funan site, sits down along with Phnom Da in Angkor Borei district. Some of the items dug up from Angkor Borei date right back to around 400 BC and they boast the earliest known Khmer inscriptions that were dated.

Angkor Borei was the capital of Water Chenla but was also settled during the ancient Funan period. The riverside town of Angkor Borei today is home to a small populace, not indicative of its glorious past. It is one of potholed streets and not much to entice the average tourist.

There is, however, a small museum in Angkor Borei which displays some of the artifacts dug up at the sites, including Funan pottery from nearby Phnom Da. It is definitely also worth the effort to get to Phnom Da, being as you have made it this far. In addition to the remains at Phnom Da is a hill that contains an ancient temple and a set of manmade caves.

In brief

What is it? A small town, district and archaeological site in the southeast of Cambodia containing some of the earliest Khmer sculptures.

Opening hours**: 24 hours, daily.
Entrance fees: no charge.

Address/website: www.taxivantha.com/2_Phnom_Penh/2203.htm.

Where: Angkor Borei is located on the banks of Prek Angkor River, a Tonle Bassac tributary, about 15 miles east of Takeo.

How to get there: most people take a boat ride in from Takeo (a couple of hours), while you can also get in by motorbike during the dry season. Phnom Penh hosts the nearest airport, a 2 to 3 hour bus journey from Takeo.