Amsterdam Travel Guide

Notoriously relaxed about a variety of issues, Amsterdam is a fantastic city of beautiful canals, lovely tall terraces, world-class cuisine and, of course, all manner of entertainments you won’t find as easily anywhere else. Definitely seedy in some parts (although this can be easily avoided if you consult a map), the city is home to such treasures as the Vincent Van Gogh Museum and the fabulous Rijksmuseum. Shopping, relaxing, cruising on the canals and eating and drinking should all be high on everyone’s agenda.

Winding canals and streets, beautiful architecture, brilliant nightlife and all sorts of temptations await in the excellent Dutch city of Amsterdam. Despite its reputation, the majority of the center isn’t seedy at all and contains plenty of sights and attractions. Take in the wonderful architecture and air of liberation in this relaxed city for a tremendous experience.

The best way to explore Amsterdam is undoubtedly by bicycle – the little streets running alongside the canals are perfect – just be careful you don’t do too much tooting in the ‘coffee’ shops or you’ll be going for an unscheduled swim. Other highlights include the Anne Frank House, the Sex Museum, the Hemp and Marijuana Museum and the Floating Flower Market.


Vincent Van Gogh Museum: explore the troubled history of the infamous painter and experience some of his greatest works.

Rijksmuseum: Holland’s biggest tourist attraction, this museum contains a collection of artifacts and paintings that will keep your interest for hours.****

Anne Frank House: see where Anne Frank and her family lived in almost total silence for an astonishing two years.****

Sex Museum: ever-popular, this museum continues to bring in the punters for obvious reasons.

Hemp and Marijuana Museum: get up close and personal with the coffee shops’ specialty and see what all the fuss is about.

Floating Flower Market: delightfully colorful, this market is a real breath of fresh air.

Red Light District: see for yourself why Amsterdam is regarded as the city of sin.****