With its extensive shoreline, the continent of Africa was bound to offer some decent surfing opportunities. South Africa receives bounteous swell and is surrounded on three sides by the ocean. With two major currents sweeping it, waves are abundant and it is a surfer’s paradise.

To the west, Ghana offers some decent waves, but better ones can be found on the eastern shores of Mozambique and Madagascar. Surfing has long been a popular recreation amongst the locals in North Africa, and Morocco and Senegal offer some of the best options.

Agadir, Morocco A great place for beginners to learn the art, Agadir boasts beautiful beaches and medium sized waves with beach breaks.

Azzemour Plage, Morocco Having been a fashionable surfing spot amongst the locals for years, this place is becoming more and more popular with tourists and is a great place for surfers of intermediate ability. Left and right waves break over the sand and a charming hospitality greets those who come here.

Sidi Ifini, Morocco Sidi Ifini and the surrounding area boast some of the best waves in Morocco. A left hand beach break features waves breaking over the sand and rock bottom. On good days it’s possible to surf within the old harbor. It’s a great spot for beginners and never gets too crowded.

Dakar, Senegal Although inconsistent, Dakar boasts some great right-handers at times, crashing onto beautiful reef breaks. The irregularity means that there is not a huge mob of voracious locals as there are in many surfing spots, and at times it is possible to have the waves to yourself.

Pleasure Beach, Ghana This huge stretch of empty beach features left and right breaks over sand and has lifeguards and some decent restaurants. It’s a good place for intermediate surfers to practice.

Cape Coast, Ghana Some of Ghana’s best waves are found here but they break right onto the shore so a long board is recommended. It’s a perfect place for beginners to learn, and the beach is beautiful, boasting idyllic sunsets with a charming castle backdrop.

Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa Boasting some of the world’s finest waves, Jeffrey’s Bay is a world renowned surfing spot. The waves are large and fast and the bay features good tubing. Boneyards is where the waves break almost perfectly, but this is a spot for locals only and outsiders are not very welcome.

Salt Rock, South Africa Left hand point breaks can be had here and early morning provides the most exhilarating rides. This is a brilliant place for intermediate surfers and the beach is great for family vacations.

Xai-Xai, Mozambique Boasting a great left and right break, Xai-Xai is home to some of Mozambique’s best surf. The bay has a coral reef just off shore which gives protection to the waters, making swimming and snorkeling extremely enjoyable.

Zanj’s Right, Madagascar On the southernmost tip of the Tulear reef, Zanj’s Right offers some decent surf for surfers of intermediate ability. There is a good right hand reef break over coral here.