Being surrounded by the ocean on all sides except the north, South Africa boasts some incredible coastline and has some of Africa’s best sunbathing and surfing beaches, while the northern countries of Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia boast countless beach resorts which are mainly accessed by package deals.

Tanzania and Kenya feature pristine white sandy beaches upon the beautiful Indian Ocean, while divers and beach lovers flock to the tranquil Seychelles Islands situated off the East African coast.

Laguna, Egypt Situated close to Sharm-el-Sheikh, this natural lagoon upon the Red Sea is home to a number of Bedouin-style cafés and is an excellent location for windsurfing. A wonderful backdrop of the nearby Sinai Mountains dominates the landscape.

Île aux Nattes, Madagascar This miniscule and isolated island off the Madagascan coast has no roads or cars at all but a succession of pristine beaches are bordered by several relaxed restaurants.

Lamu Beach, Kenya Starting at the Swahili village of Shela, this spotless crescent beach sits upon the warm Indian Ocean. Rolling sand dunes have a backdrop of small villages nestled amongst mango and coconut plantations.

Clifton, South Africa Situated near Cape Town city center, this fashionable beach is the least windy place in Cape Town and is divided into sections by giant boulders. This is the place that the trendiest locals hang out.

Noetzie, South Africa This charming beach on the Garden Route near to Knysna has a beautiful backdrop of attractive castles. A balmy lagoon empties into it and is great for swimming.

Quirimba National Park, Mozambique Dotted with palm groves, this beach features fine white powdery sands and the sparkling turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. This is the first national park in the world to be granted the status at the inhabitants’ request.

Oulidia, Morocco If you are looking for a relaxing getaway then you will love this natural lagoon with its scenic cliffs and mass of excellent seafood restaurants.

Djerba Island, Tunisia The palm fringed island located just off the North African coast is noted for its charming architecture and quaint villages. It is a favorite local tourist destination and is one place in the country where the local women sunbathe topless.

Mnemba Island, Tanzania Cooled by lofty pine forests, this tiny island is situated just off the northeastern tip of Zanzibar in the Indian Ocean. Dubbed as one of the world’s most romantic getaways, its shores are teeming with beautiful marine life.

Nungwi, Zanzibar Stretching across Zanzibar’s northwestern tip are the country’s most incredible beaches. The sand is bright white and the sea is a luminous blue.

Ile de Goree, Senegal Just off the coast of Dakar lies the Ile de Goree, one of West Africa’s major tourist destinations. An important place of pilgrimage for African-Americans, this island played a large role in the slave trade.