The continent of Africa features many world class dive resorts, with many of them collected around the southern and eastern countries of South Africa, Mozambique and Kenya, as well as in the northern countries of Morocco and Tunisia.

The abundance of marine life, warm waters and selection of wrecks all help to make the region popular amongst divers and snorkelers. A wide variety of sea mammals such as great white sharks, whales and dolphins add to the attraction and intrepid divers can even come face to face with these majestic creatures.

South Africa remains a favorite, featuring a number of excellent dive centers, while Mozambique and Kenya also offer great services. Malawi Lake offers wonderful freshwater diving and snorkeling, which makes a nice change for the experienced diver.

Dyer Islands White Shark Diving, South Africa Experience the curiosity of the magnificent white sharks at close range when you enter the cage with the assistance of fully qualified dive masters. This breathtaking experience will be an absolute highlight of any trip to South Africa.

Sodwana, South Africa Sodwana has the advantage of warm water coming down from the shores of Mozambique and with it brings more than 1200 fish species as well as a diversity of sea life such as sharks, whale sharks, turtles and bottle nosed dolphins. Featuring varied coral and rocky pinnacles, this is a favorite amongst divers of all levels.

Outer Anchorage, South Africa Known to be South Africa’s number one reef, the craggy reef of Outer Anchorage is a feeding ground for sharks and features long portions of anchor chain swathed over rocky summits. Not for the faint of heart, this is a place where the waters sometimes become murky and the reef’s many looming boulders can take on a life of their own.

Blood Reef, Durban, South Africa Not far from Outer Anchorage this old whaling station with the rather chilling name is now one of Durban’s best centers for diving and snorkeling. It is surrounded by limestone reefs and is home to majestic whales as well as a profusion of other sea life.

Zavora, Mozambique This remote location is about to burst onto the scene as a favorite spot amongst divers. Lying sunken in nearby waters is the wreck of the Dutch liner Klipfontein, its remains teeming with diverse marine life such as manta rays, humpback whales, several species of shark and hawksbill and leather back turtles, to mention just a few.

Watamu Marine Park, Kenya This extensive coastline features fringing reef along the whole interior as well as countless patch reefs. The abounding Mida Creek boasts varied flora and fauna made up of crustaceans, coral, mangroves and a wealth of beautiful fish and turtles. This important breeding site is a protected one, and the abundance of marine life is unrivaled.

Mombasa, Kenya Featuring a recent wreck, this site does not pose many of the risks that divers can experience around more established wrecks. An assortment of fish and other marine animals have been attracted to the site since the vessel sank in 2002, including lobsters, starfish, lionfish and an array of crustaceans.

Lake Malawi, Malawi This bleak lunar landscape features rocky outcroppings and over 600 species of small fish and other fresh water creatures such as birds and reptiles. Giant catfish, freshwater crabs and thousands of iridescent fish bring the surroundings to life. Enjoyed by snorkelers just as much as divers, this is an excellent place for novices to practice in immense beauty.

Tabarka, Tunisia Clear water, a rock strewn sea bed and rich coral attract a diversity of marine life and beautiful flora and fauna. Well equipped local centers can provide both professional divers and amateurs with the equipment they need. Hopeful divers need to obtain permission to enter the nearby protected islands of La Galite and Zembra.

Morocco Boasting two marine shorelines, Morocco is a popular destination for scuba divers and snorkelers. Rare marine fauna provides shelter to dolphins, killer whales, pilot whales and an array of colorful fishes. Some excellent world standard dive resorts have helped to make Morocco one of the world’s finest dive locations.