Thai Binh Travel Guide

Thai Binh off the tourist track in Vietnam. It is far removed from the National Highway so the best way to see the town is by joining a guided tour.

This little city is best known for its famous monk, who lived in the 12th century and cured an emperor of leprosy. The pagoda, located a few miles outside of town, honors the monk and boasts a beautiful bell tower. Other religious sites in the area include Tran Temple and the Le Quy Don ancestral grounds.

There are plenty of opportunities for ecotourism here. Mangrove forests front the sea around Dong Chau Beach. Birdwatchers will find several endangered species here and boats for hire whisk tourists to little islands dotting the South China Sea.

Getting There & Away

There aren’t many buses traveling to Thai Binh, but it is only 70 miles away from Hanoi via Highway 10, so reachable in a little over 1 hour from Hanoi’s international airport. Highway 39 is the other major motorway in the province, with services to Hung Yen.

Things to Do

Thai Binh Attractions

Keo Pagoda

This prominent pagoda was built in the 12th century by the famous monk, duong khong lo.

Dong Chau Beach

About 18 miles from thai binh city, this scenic beach is forested and backed by a few guesthouses and restaurants.

Dong Xam Temple

This large nguyen dynasty temple is known for its wood carvings and silver engravings.

Handicraft shopping

The region is rich in traditional handicrafts, with artisan workshops around thai binh producing embroidery, copper casting and woven fabric.