Sturgis Travel Guide

Sturgis is located to the northwest of Rapid City in western South Dakota and is best known for hosting one of the world’s largest motorcycle events. This small town lies at the edge of the Black Hills and is also a popular hangout for those visiting Deadwood and the mega-monuments of Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse.

Generally a sleepy town, Sturgis comes to life during the first week of August when Sturgis Rally enthusiasts fill the city’s streets, hotels and campsites. As would be expected, Sturgis features more than a few stores selling motorcycle memorabilia and Harley souvenirs.

Main street Sturgis runs parallel with I-90 and is the place to be regarding town goings-on. This is where you’ll find the majority of hotels, shops and bars. Farther east is the famous Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and the Sturgis Motor Works.


Sturgis Motorcycle Museum and Hall of Fame: east downtown on Main street, the museum is a focal point of Sturgis and is well worth the entry fee to see the bikes of yesteryear as well as some futuristic models.

Sturgis Rally and Races: one of the world’s largest motorcycle events sees the town packed with racing enthusiasts and leather clad fans.

Bear Butte: lies a few minutes northeast of Sturgis; a lone volcanic hill at the head of Bear Butte State Park and a popular retreat for Native Americans.

Mount Rushmore: try to visit this world famous monument to past presidents out of season as hordes of tourist can spoil the effect somewhat.

Crazy Horse Monument: also south of Sturgis and not far from Mount Rushmore, the uncompleted Crazy Horse mega-structure is a must-see and affords fantastic views.