Saba Travel Guide

Despite being a Caribbean island, Saba has more mountains than beaches. The island’s major tourist attractions are its trails, the museum and its 29 designated dive sites. The Harry L. Johnson Museum, dedicated to a Dutch sea captain, showcases Amerindian hand tools, maritime documents, sextants, a collection of pottery fragments, compass and a four-poster bed with period décor.

The climb up the Mt. Scenery is not to be missed for its splendid views of a tiny forest and great vistas of Saba and neighboring islands. The Saba Marine Park is a must visit for all for its amazing coral reefs and diving spots. Locally manufactured lace is known for its fine workmanship.

Getting There & Away

Saba receives direct flights from neighboring Caribbean islands like St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and St. Barts. The ports at Saba can only handle small boats, yachts and dinghies, not large cruise liners.

Weather & When to Go

The climate is generally pleasant and there isn’t much difference between the summers and winters of Saba as average monthly temperature is around 27°C.