Phan Thiet Travel Guide

Phan Theit was colonized by Europeans on one bank of the river and by Sutheast Asian tribes on the other, causing the city to divide and essentially be turned into two small towns.

Another local claim to fame is fish sauce. Phan Thiet cranks out this pungent condiment by the trillions of gallons (four trillion per year, to be exact). Of course, a factory tour isn’t high on most tourists’ to-do lists.

The unique Champa Kingdom ruled here for more than one thousand years. They were a unique cultural phenomenon that practiced Hinduism and had more in common with their sub-continental neighbors to the west than with the encroaching Chinese. Today tourists can find scant archeological remains of the Champa in the form of stone towers dotting the countryside.

Getting There & Away

Phan Thiet is situated on National Highway 1A, and the closest big city is Ho Chi Minh City which is 120 miles away and can be reached in less than three hours. The bus station is north of town. There’s also a train station seven miles outside of Phan Thiet with service to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City (both of which have international airports).

Things to Do

Phan Thiet Attractions


The harbor supplies boatloads of fish for the fish sauce industry, so it’s also teeming with boats.

Victory Monument

This towering tribute to independence is shaped like an arrow and surrounded by concrete sculptures.