Used by travelers all over the globe, money belts are pouches usually worn under clothes to conceal valuables such as money, ATM cards, travel tickets and passports. By using a money belt, you will be protecting yourself against theft.

Money belts come in various materials, sizes and fashions, but the standard pouch is large enough to include only your essentials. The safest place to wear a money belt is around your waist, under your clothes, but money belts designed to be worn outside of clothes are also available though they offer less protection against theft.

When traveling, it is import to carefully secure your valuables such as money, passport and credit cards. Having these items stolen can place you in a sticky situation, particularly if you are uninsured. Even those who are insured will be greatly inconvenienced in the event of theft.

There are a number of ways you can secure your valuables while traveling, with some travelers keeping their cash in several different places so that in the event one bag is stolen, they still have back up resources. For essentials like passports, which are difficult and costly to replace, you will want to invest in a money belt.

You should keep your money belt on at all times, except when sleeping in a locked hotel room. If you have access to a secure money safe, you may wish to leave your money belt or other valuables in it while visiting a destination. Never leave your money belt lying around next to an open window or in an unlocked hotel room.

When traveling and wearing a money belt, it is important to hide it from others around you. Don’t keep too much cash in it at any single time, only carry what you need.

Tips on wearing a money belt

  • Only remove or reveal your money belt in private.
  • Keep only small amounts of cash in your money belt at one time.
  • For the greatest protection, wear your money belt under your clothes.
  • Never leave your money belt in a hotel room or next to an open window.
  • Choose a money belt made of a comfortable fabric so it doesn’t chafe against your skin.