Mitchell Travel Guide

Mitchell, South Dakota can be found on I-90 in the southeast of the state, not far from Sioux Falls. A sizeable town, Mitchell’s history stretches back to 1881 and the town has several interesting attractions as well as great antique shopping options, making it a worthwhile stop off.

Many come to Mitchell for the good, no-hassle shopping and there are many stores offering products in several categories. Antique stores and second-hand shops are particularly abundance here.

It’s not all shopping however; the downtown area has some historic laces of note and a stroll around will reveal the town’s more interesting buildings, the most famous being the Corn Palace on Main street.


Corn Palace: is Mitchell’s main attraction featuring a unique fa├žade of multi-colored dried corn murals. The building has many uses, including a basketball arena, trade shows, and the Shriner’s Circus.

The Enchanted World Doll Museum: can be found just across the street from the Corn Palace and features thousands of dolls from around the world.

Mitchell Prehistoric Indian Village: is being excavated near Mitchell and is currently enclosed by a climate-controlled building. A Native American art and history museum resides nearby.