Mayotte Travel Guide

Mayotte is an overseas Territorial collectivity of France, geographically part of the scenic Comoros islands. Mayotte consists of two islands, namely, Grand Terre and Petite Terre. The archipelago has several good beaches and archeological sites.

The most spectacular attraction of the island is the Mayotte Lagoon, one of the biggest lagoons on earth with an area of more than 1000 sq. km, protected by a 160 km long barrier reef. Other not to be missed tourist attractions include Pamandzi Island, Dziani Dzaha Crater Lake, the 10th century ruins of Shirazian settlement at Bagamayo, Cascade de Soulou, Mount Mtsapere, Plage Moya, and the Ngoudja Soulou Beaches

Getting There

The simplest way to reach Mayotte is via Reunion, a French department in the Indian Ocean. Many airlines fly to Reunion from Paris and Marseille.

Weather & Climate

Mayotte enjoys a tropical marine climate characterized by pleasant weather conditions all year round. It has only two seasons – dry and rainy. While the hot and humid rainy season lasts from November to May, the cooler dry season is from May to November with temperatures ranging between 25 to 28°C.