Cubadanza, Havana, Cuba: This 10-day fun festival is in honor Cuban dance, music, culture and history and provides visitors with a great opportunity to experience Cuba’s passion for dance and music.


Festival of the Little Devils, Costa Rica: Fiesta de los Diablitos takes place in the Boruca, a village located south of San Pedro. Adorned in traditional costumes and masks, locals recreate the battle between the Spanish Toros and the indigenous Boruca Indians.


Semana Santa Festival, Guatemala: In a combined display Catholic symbolism and Mayan tradition, the Semana Santa festival celebrates the rebirth of Christ in true Central American style.


Lord of Tremors Festival, Cusco, Peru: Held in the last week of March and first week of April, this zany festival celebrates the belief that in 1650 the Christ of Good Death prevented an earthquake from destroying the city of Cusco.


Day of the Holy Cross, Venezuela: Held throughout Venezuela and also celebrated in other countries in Latin America, the Day of the Holy Cross combines Christian devotional practices with pre-Hispanic indigenous rituals relating to fertility.


Fiesta of San Antonio, Honduras: This week-long festival starts with a bang in the early hours of the morning when all residents of San Antonio run into the street and make as much noise as they can! The main carnival for the festival is held of the 14th of June.


San Angel Flower Festival, Mexico City: This annual festival is over 100 years old and celebrates the many endemic flowers of Mexico.


Fiesta Agostinas, El Salvador : Art exhibitions, sports tournaments, theatre and food fairs are just some of the attractions at this week-long festival. The festival holds two main parades, the Desfile de Correo and the Desfile de Commerico.


Rio de Janeiro Carnival, Brazil: World renowned, the Rio de Janeiro carnival is revelry of Brazil’s passion for music, dance and costume.


Jazz Festival, Dominican Republic: With concerts held of the beaches in Cabarete and Gran Teatro, this annual music celebration attracts a star line-up of jazz and Latin jazz artists.


Day of the Dead, Mexico: Fun, somewhat macabre, but definitely memorable, Day of the Dead celebrations are held all over Mexico and in other Hispanic parts of the world to honor the lives of the deceased.


Feast of the Immaculate Conception, South America: This day is observed throughout South America and in many of the remaining Latin American countries to celebrate the Catholic doctrine of the conception of Mary, mother of Jesus.