Trekking and climbing are perhaps the most famous activities on offer in Latin America, but if these are not your preference, you will find a multitude of additional things to do in the region.

Many visitors travel to Latin America to experience what are some of the most outstanding beaches and islands in the world. From the pretty white sands of Tulum (Mexico), to the bizarre rock statues on Easter Island (Chile), Latin America offers a huge variety of sandy getaways. While archipelagoes such as the Galapagos (Ecuador) are world renowned, there are hundreds of lesser known beaches and islands waiting to be discovered.

In addition to stunning beaches and islands, the Latin America region also boasts an abundance of cultural and historical sites and cities, including the Peruvian city of Cuzco and the historical sanctuary of Machu Picchu. Ancient Mayan ruins are spread throughout the region, with many situated in stunning surrounding, such as the Mayan city of Calakmul (Mexico), which is located in the pristine Tierras Bajas tropical jungle.

Visitors won’t be disappointed with the rare and exquisite biodiversity that Latin America has to offer. There are so many must-visit areas, from the spectacular Andes mountain range through to the large protected areas of the Amazon and the watery depths of the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere (Barrier Reef Reserve, Belize), nature lovers are spoiled for choice.

Trekking: Latin America boasts countless natural wonders awaiting discovery by those with a desire to trek through steamy tropical rainforests or breathtaking mountain scenery, but the choice of trekking terrain doesn’t finish there and is as diverse as the eclectic geography of the regions.

Diving and snorkeling: a diving paradise, Latin America boasts hundreds of world-class dive sites throughout the region. The best dive and snorkel destinations can be found around the Mayan Riviera in Mexico (Including the top rate dive resort at Cozumel) and the world famous Galapagos Islands.

Surfing: made popular by traveling surf veterans in the 1960s, many parts of Latin America have become rated as top surfing destinations. Most rated are the waves around Brazil, but the choice of break destinations doesn’t end there. Peru, Ecuador and Chile are now placed high on the list of where to go to get your surfing thrills.

White water rafting and kayaking: owing to factors such as mountainous snow melt and the wettest of wet rainy seasons, Latin America is a region of swollen rivers, tranquil seashores and vast crystal lakes, making it one of the best places in the world for white water rafting and kayaking.

Skiing: home of the Andes mountain range, Latin America provides ample destinations for world-class skiing and snowboarding. Most of the top ski resorts are located in the southern parts of the region, with Chile and Argentina being top of the picking for the best of snowy adventures.

Mountain climbing / rock climbing: endowed with a huge array of mountain and rock climbing opportunities, Latin America is a ‘top-of-the-world’ climber’s paradise. From the mountain regions of the Andes in South America to the peaks of Mount Chirripo in Costa Rica, climbers arrive in their droves each year to experience the peaks that the region has to offer.

National parks and reserves: due to the unique biodiversity found in many parts of Latin America, the region has hundreds of registered national parks and reserves established for the purpose of maintaining and protecting the precious plant and animal life found in those areas.

World Heritage sites: owing to their outstanding cultural and natural importance, UNESCO has registered hundreds of sites in Latin America with World Heritage status, preserving what can be described as the treasures of humanity.

Spiritual places and trips: with pre- and post-Hispanic religious influences, Latin America is a tapestry of religious and spiritual beliefs. Though primarily a Christian region (mostly Roman Catholic), indigenous rituals are still practiced in many of the region’s countries.

Islands and beaches: Latin America is blessed with a huge variety of paradise beaches and unique tropical and sub-tropical islands. From deserted palm-lined seashore to the party beaches of Brazil, there is a sandy destination to suit all tastes.

Festivals and events: Latin America, also known as ‘the land of fiesta lovers’, is where vibrant and often bizarre events and festivals are crammed into the calendar.