Latin America boasts many world-class diving locations that are dotted around the whole of this massive region. While the waters off the southwestern coast of the region can be a bit chilly, the rest of the region’s coastlines offer warm waters alive with an array of aquatic wonders. Mayan Riviera, Mexico

Conzumel is the number one diving and snorkeling destination in all of Mexico. There are numerous world-class dive sites, including the Palancar and Colombia coral reefs and a myriad of dive companies to take you on a discovery tour of spectacular sea life, including the ‘whiskered splendid toadfish’, found nowhere else in the world.

Cancun, Mexico: Due to the often overwhelming popularity of Conzumel, Cancun has now become the comparatively quieter dive and snorkel destination and boasts many ideal dive sites and snorkeling opportunities on a par with those around Conzumel.

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador: This world renowned dive island is famous for its huge variety of sea life that includes swimming iguanas and Equator dwelling penguins. No wonder the island was instrumental in Charles Darwin’s forming of the theory of evolution!

Belize : Belize boasts three of the four atolls (ring shaped coral reefs) that can be found in the Caribbean Sea. Diving from these atolls is world famous, particularly the 412-foot dive into the ‘blue hole’, where divers can experience prospering coral, sponges and a healthy variety of unique sea life.

Cuba: Cuba has 72 world-class dive sites that are accessible through one of the four international dive centers. Sites include immersion areas more than 100kms long and three kilometers wide. Twenty kilometers east of Havana lies a pristine belt of white coral sand.

Catalina Islands, Costa Rica: The Catalina Islands are an increasingly popular destination for divers owing to surrounding clear waters, six world-class dive sites and the regularity of seeing such sea life as white tip sharks, giant mantas and manta rays.

Sasona Island, Dominican Republic: Sasona Island is a protected sanctuary within one of the Dominican Republic’s national parks. The island boasts plentiful marine life such as turtles, whales and sharks and has some of the best coral formations in the country.

Puerto Rico: The Caribbean waters that surround Puerto Rico are responsible for a profusion of coral reefs, caves, and trenches for diving and snorkeling. The southeastern coast is famous for many stunning aquatic visitors, including migrating whales and manatees.

Fernando de Noronha, Brazil: Due to its clear and warm South Atlantic waters, rich variety of marine fauna and the innumerous ship-wrecks in the area, Fernando de Noronha is considered one of the best dive and snorkel areas of the world.

Abrolhos, Brazil: Situated 70kms from the mainland, the Archipelago of Abrolhos is a national park made up of five islands of volcanic origin. The warm crystalline waters hold a great diversity of species of corals, with some exceptional examples of endemic coral.