From the numerous mountain climbs of the South American Andes to the rock climbing paradise of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Latin America has historically been a destination for world-class climbing adventurers. Sierra Nevada de Merida, Venezuela

While most of it is at high altitudes, there’s good climbing in most of the Sierra Nevada de Merida. At 4,979m, Pico Bolivar is the highest peak in the area, which can be tackled as an easy climb or difficult scramble!

Suesca, Colombia : Situated within stunning scenery - one hour north of Bogota - and famous among the rock climbing masses, Suesca provides the best rock climbing routes in Colombia.

Callejon de Huaylas Valley, Peru : The scenic Callejon de Huaylas valley is a supreme climbing location with a well- developed rock climbing area close to the city of Huaraz.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Rio de Janeiro is brimming with climbing opportunities for all levels of climbers. Most notable is the climbing and scrambling around the Pedra do Gavea, a classic 900m scrambling summit.

Maipo Valley, Chile : The picturesque Cajon del Maipo valley is located in the heart of the Central Andes and has many prime climbing areas, including El Manzo and the Maipo volcano.

Cordillera Real, Bolivia: Cordillera Real, which translates as the ‘royal range’, features some of the best and most challenging trekking and climbing in the world. The many granite rock faces make it a prime destination for rock enthusiasts.

Bariloche - Patagonia, Argentina : There are many excellent mountain and rock climbing areas around Bariloche in northern Patagonia, with the most notable being Valle Encantado, Catedral and Piedra Parada.

Mount Chirripo, Costa Rica: Trekking through Chirripo National Park and ascending the challenging climb up Mount Chirripo offers some of the best climbing in Costa Rica. Here, climbers can expect to see toucans, trogons and monkeys before reaching the summit, where - on a clear day – the Pacific and Atlantic can both be viewed.

Pico Duarte, Dominican Republic: Referred to as the ‘roof of the Caribbean’, Pico Duarte is the highest peak in the whole of the Caribbean (3,087m). Trek, hike or climb to heights that take you above the clouds!

Valle de Vinales, Cuba: Similar to the first rate rocks found in Thailand’s Railae Bay, Valle de Vinales offers limestone overhangs of stalactites and tufa columns that will give any climber a happy day’s work!