Kalaymyo Travel Guide

Kalaymyo (Kalemyo) lies up in the northwest of Myanmar, not far from the Indian border in the Sagaing Division. It’s not the most interesting of tourist destinations and is a bit long-winded to get to.

Kalaymyo has a bit of history; during WWII, the British used it for their exit from Burma due to the positioning of the town near to India along the Manipur River, as opposed to having to stomp through dense forests. The British had an airport built later during their re-conquest of the country.

Despite its lack of real tourist infrastructure and appeal, Kalaymyo does have quite nice hilly surroundings and some interesting old pagodas dotted about that are worth seeing.

Getting There & Away

Kalaymyo Airport is the most convenient travel option, yet flights are limited and from within Myanmar only. Buses take about half a day from Mandalay and run regularly to Kalaymyo. Mandalay International Airport receives flights throughout the region, including from Yangon, and is an hour or so transfer from downtown Mandalay.

Things to Do

Kalaymyo Attractions

Kalaymyo trekking

There are several established treks around kalaymyo - making use of a guide is recommended.